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Contact us for a quote and free consultation!

Please contact us for a quote by phone,email or text. We will be happy to have a meeting with you to discuss and plan your event!




Our services not only include music, but an emcee as well, to speak to the crowd, make announcements, introductions, or encourage people to get up & dance.

Dance floor lighting;

Our basic lighting package includes L.E.D. floodlights, and dance effects.

Also available are: Spotlights, lasers, fog machines, LED "Fireworks" style ceiling lighting, and more! 

Deluxe package;

For larger dance floors, include twice the L.E.D. flood lights and dance effects, uplights, and LED Spotlights, to place you at the center of attention on your Big Day!



These L.E.D. light fixtures are spaced out around the room, and shine upward along the walls to create a beautiful glow. This really sets the mood!

Table Accent Lights

These are colorful L.E.D. lights, placed under tables with white tablecloths (not included) to create a beautiful glowing effect.

Wireless Microphones;

For toasts,or speeches. Hand held or Body packs.

Extra Large Event;

Is your venue extra large? We've got you covered. We offer additional sound and lighting equipment sufficient to fill any needs!

Blacklight / Glow Party;

Using ultraviolet L.E.D. fixtures, we create a black light glow for your party area. This makes neon colored and UV reactive colored materials glow!


Special Effects;

Cloud Dance;

Dance on the clouds! Make your dance extra special with our real Cloud effect!

Special Effects;

We offer lots of special effects for various occasions. Such as snow machines, and bubble machines. Or create starry skies indoors. 


Would you like to share picture or videos with your guests? We offer projectors and screens!

Fog Machines;

Fog and haze enhances dance lighting by creating beams of color in the air!



Your chance to be a star! Wireless microphones and a huge Karaoke library puts you in the spotlight.


Monogram Projection:


Display your names in lights, on a wall or on the dance floor!

Special rates for non-profit organizations.

Our clients are NEVER charged for set up, or take down time, or travel. You pay only for entertainment.

Also your event is your event. We will work with you, photographers , caters, or any other involved persons, to suit your needs.

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